Reign of Winter

A Nice Day To Wander Around

Utrosk Takes Ogromma For A Walk

We needed rest, I know that, but I always feel anxious just sitting around. That’s why when Eirwyn suggested exploring the town while the others relaxed I jumped at the chance. Tomor also decided to join us. As we left I whistled for Ogromma, and we headed west toward the town.

Eirwyn took the lead, seems she wanted to talk to the townsfolk and get some information from them. I walked behind her, enjoying the fresh air and pointing out interesting things to Ogromma. My baby mammoth seemed to enjoy the chance to get out and play; he was running and jumping all around the path. We passed by the statue in the center of town and Eirwyn stopped at a general store. She looked at the magic shield on the door for a long time before shaking her head and entering the shoppe. I shrugged and told Ogromma to wait by the door.

I stuck my head inside the store and overheard Eirwyn asking for Alchemist’s Fire, I told her that I’d already tried to buy some in this store yesterday and that there wasn’t any to be had in town as far as I knew, then I went back outside. I decided to teach Ogromma to fetch. For the next fifteen minutes I threw sticks for Ogromma to collect. Eirwyn finally came out of the store and started heading to another building. I followed along with Ogromma and Tomor.

The rest of the day passed similarly; Eirwyn would enter a building, talk to whomever was inside, then exit and continue on. Ogromma quickly lost interest and we spent most of the time enjoying the brisk weather. I did hear something of note, though, apparently the statue in the center of town is much older than the townsfolk believe while the clock is younger than they think. I am not sure what that means, but I’m sure it is important.

After several hours of exploring the town we returned to Nadya’s house to sleep until our assault on the Pale Tower.



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